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Welcome to Roslyn! Located in Upper Kittitas County, Roslyn was founded in 1886 by the Northern Pacific Railway Company on lands in part provided through the Railroad Land Grants of 1882. The local coal was used to fuel trains crossing the Cascades to and from Puget Sound.

Upon entering town is the Roslyn City Hall and Library. One of the last remaining wooden municipal buildings left in the USA. Originaly build in 1903 as a YMCA providing activities for the miners including gym, swimming pool and bowling alleys. Funds are being raised for its renovation. Feel free to donate.

Members of the Roslyn-Ronald Heritage Club, decendents of the original immigrants hold an annual celebration honoring the mining traditions of the past.

Roslyln hasn't changed much since most of the mines closed in the 1930's. The 2 peaked false fronted buildings and 3 more to the left are currently Lefties Deli and Harper's Hardware.
Image courtesy Ellensburg Public Library

Much of the historic fabric of the area remains in these original falsefront buildings.

With a peak population of near 4000 people between 1910 and 1920 Roslyn was a bustling Eastern Washington location. Local timber and sandstone were used to reconstruct the downtown seen today following a fire in 1890.
Image courtesy Ellensburg Public Library

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