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The Immaculate Conception church is a prominent local landmark. Build in 1887, it recently underwent a major renovation following damage sustained in the Nisqually earthquake in 2002. The forest behind, previously owned by Plum Creek Timber (decendent of the Northern Pacific Railroad), is a portion of the acreage recently aquired by the City of Roslyn as permanent open space zoned Urban Forest.

Powerhouse Stack for the main mining operations in Roslyn. The back of the City Hall is seen at the center of the chimney. All of the mining structures were removed by the end of the 1970s.
Image courtesy Ellensburg Public Library

This is approximately the same view as the previous historical image. Taken from atop the No. 6 slag pile, the back of the City Hall is along the left edge.

Still on the slag pile and looking left of the previous image. Marked in red are the locations of the Powerhouse and No. 4 Tipple. Portions of foundations for many of the removed structures remain on the site. The Coal Mines Trial and Crystal creek run along the bottom of the photo.

This composite image of a current aerial photo overlaid with a 1922 Northern Improvement Company's map of Roslyn indicates the locations of the structures formerly on the 23 acres of the Roslyn Coal Flats. Many of the structures are called out in the signs along the Coal Mines Trail.

Panaroma view from the slag pile showing the coal flats and the southern end of Roslyn.

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