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Feisty Community Group and Corporation Concur: Save the Roslyn Ridge!

April 26, 2004
Roslyn, WA

At Roslyn City Council's April 27, 2004 meeting, RIDGE will ask the City to accept transfer of over 300 acres of forest surrounding Roslyn.

RIDGE, a Roslyn citizen's group, and MountainStar Resort Development have amended their 2001 Settlement Agreement that regulates all aspects of resort development on the 7000 acre Master Planned Resort near Roslyn. These amendments will result in permanent protection of portions of the Roslyn ridge within the city, which had been slated for logging and development. "In our hearts, lands on the ridge have always belonged to the community. Now they form a tangible legacy for future generations. RIDGE has worked for more than 17 years to make this dream a reality," said Peg Bryant, President of RIDGE.

In the amendments RIDGE agreed to consolidate $794,000 in economic benefits previously negotiated, to revise the configuration of buildable space and open space within the resort, to allow a new bridge crossing on the Cle Elum River, and to accept some additional construction impacts. MountainStar, in turn agreed to acquire the remaining urban forest within the City of Roslyn, to place permanent protections on it, and then transfer the land to the City. MountainStar also agreed to a new contract provision that guarantees free public access to its looped trail system along the Cle Elum River and Easton Ridge. In addition, over 20 acres adjacent to the Roslyn Business district will be available for development.

"This is a happy ending to ten months of hard bargaining," said RIDGE Vice President, Doug Kilgore. "It's a big step toward implementing our vision of connected open space for people and wildlife between the Roslyn ridge and the Cle Elum River."

RIDGE is a Roslyn-based, all-volunteer citizensí group. Since 1987 it has advocated sustainable land-use practices and economic development in Upper Kittitas County. Planned logging and development within the forested city limits had threatened Roslyn's designation as a National Historic District. RIDGE looks forward to working with all interested parties to protect and expand open space in the Ridge to River corridor.

For more information contact Cordy Cooke at 509-649-3137.